Programs - Coming Soon

LEAN - 4, 8 or 12 week program that includes meal plans, training programs, nutrition coaching and your food delivered (optional).

FERTILE - a natural fertility program that teaches you my FERTILE system to help you become pregnant more quickly, improve egg and sperm health and boost your health during the pre-conception period or during fertility treatments. 

Belly Birth - if you're pregnant and wanting to prepare for the birth of your baby this program is a fusion of Hypnobirthing and other birthing techniques to help you have a calm, comfortable birth. Includes Belly Fit and Belly Nourish, pregnancy nutrition and pregnancy exercise.

Body Back - if you've just had your baby this program focuses on helping you heal and recover in the fourth trimester focusing on pelvic floor and abdominal separation as well as nourishing your body to support healing and recovery after birth and eating to produce an abundance of nourishing breastmilk (if applicable). After this phase the program will help you lose any excess body fat, tone up and get back in shape after having your baby.  

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