Competing Photos

Some photos of me competing in bodybuilding in the category bikini and fitness in my late 30's around having my 2 children. On both occasions I gained about 25kg in my pregnancies and couldn't exercise during them as I was sick in both my pregnancies. So, it was a long road back to get ready for stage after each pregnancy because I needed to lose a lot of body fat and start from scratch each time rebuilding my fitness and muscle using my LEAN method.

I competed in natural federations throughout Victoria, interstate, at the Australian Championships in Canberra and the Natural Olympia in Las Vegas, America, sometimes placing or winning and getting a bronze medal representing Australia in the USA. Competing has taught me so much about fat loss and how to eat and train in a way to get lean and completely change a body's shape.

I'm currently in prep for my next show in 2022, category bikini age 40 to 50 category.