Salad Formula

You can use the meal formula below to build your own salad.

Step 1: Add your vegetables. Choose at least 5 different types of vegetables and at least 3 different colours. Use leafy greens as the base for your salad and then chop and add whatever vegetables you like. 

Step 2: Add your protein source – choose from tuna, boiled egg, cooked chicken, cooked red meat or canned beans/lentils. 

Step 3: Add a fat source – a handful of nuts, a tablespoon of seeds, 5 to 10 olives or some grated cheese or Feta. 

Step 4: Dress your salad with a fat free salad dressing and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil for a healthy fat source. 

Remember make your salad HUGE – you don’t ever want to feel hungry. Instead you want to keep your body full with plenty of vegetables, they are very low in calories and high in fiber and water to fill you up. Feeling full and eating a variety of nutrients in a meal will help you minimise or avoid cravings. 

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