You don't need another diet, here is what you DO need

Diets Don’t Work

You probably already know deep down that diets don’t work.

You’ve probably been on a few of them yourself or tried some dieting products and lost some initial ‘weight’, only to find that when you return to your normal everyday eating you gain that weight back.

Furthermore, because of what dieting does to your metabolism, hormones, your mindset and your relationship with food, you might even end up weighing slightly more after every dieting attempt.

Why diets are so tempting

Diets are tempting because they can produce quick weight loss, at least in the beginning.

In the first week you might lose 2kg on the scale (beware, this is usually water loss and lean muscle loss, not body fat).

But as time goes by you might find that the scales aren’t shifting, it’s getting harder to get results, you’re dealing with hunger and cravings and you’re feeling tired and losing motivation.

For some people dieting also causes binges which makes you feel bad about yourself and can affect your relationship with food.

Why diets suck

The problem is that when you reduce your calories too much or cut out entire food groups the following occurs.

  1. You may not get the nutrients you need including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and fibre. These are all important nutrients you need for getting results with fat loss and body recomposition.
  2. If you reduce or cut out carbohydrates, you may find yourself with no energy and find that you’re dragging yourself though the day feeling fatigued and tired. Plus, you will naturally crave carbs which can end up in binges. In the gym, you may feel weak and can't perform. 
  3. If you don’t get enough protein you could lose lean muscle. So, if you’re exercising or lifting weights to change your body composition, you might find that you aren’t getting results and that your body isn’t changing.
  4. As a female, if you aren’t getting enough healthy fats in your diet this can affect your hormones.

Overall dieting is going to slow down your metabolism and make you softer (you might gain body fat and lose lean muscle) and weaker (you aren’t feeding yourself the nutrients required to go hard in the gym and grow lean muscle to tone problem areas).

Even if you do get some results and you weigh less on the scales and fit into a smaller dress size, you may find your body still looks flabby and lacks tone.

So, what is the answer?

To get results you don’t need a diet you need a lifestyle change.

You see a diet is something you do for a short amount of time. You might get some results but eventually you return to your normal, everyday eating and that is where the problem lies.

It’s your normal, everyday eating or your lifestyle that caused the body fat gains in the first place, so it is your normal everyday eating that needs to change for you to get and keep results.

So, what you need is really a lifestyle change and consistency over time to get and keep results long term, not another temporary diet.

Where to now?

So as you’ll find out in my blogs if you can stop dieting and instead look at making a lifestyle change whereby you eat the right foods day in day out, if you can eat more food (the right food) and nourish your body with all the nutrients it needs, you will find that you effortlessly drop body fat without that sheer mental struggle that diets require to get results.

You’ll not only burn fat faster, more easily and keep it off, you’ll also, improve your lean muscle and tone those problem areas, you’ll feel more energised, you’ll sleep better, you’ll become healthier and it will be a more successful process then starting another diet that deprives you and leaves you feeling like a failure.

Keep an eye out for more blogs to find out what a lifestyle change means and what to do!

Client below changed her lifestyle, changed her nutrition (didn't do a quick fix diet), lifted heavy weights and was finally able to change her body composition - gain lean muscle and drop body fat! At no point did we worry about what her weight was, we tracked her progress visually with photos and measurements. 

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