Are you stuck on the dieting rollercoaster? Then read this!

Lifestyle change is the only way to get and keep results long term.

Not dieting.

A lifestyle change requires a complete overhaul of your everyday nutrition, lifestyle choices and a commitment to regular exercise.

Your daily nutrition and overall lifestyle choices are what caused the body fat gains in the first place and this is what needs to change to reduce body fat levels.

In contrast, a diet is something temporary that you do to try and fix the problem quickly.

But before long most people give up on the diet because it’s too hard to stick to and they return to their everyday nutrition and lifestyle choices which is as I’ve said, is where the real problem lies.  

What diet should I try?

When someone asks me if going vegetarian or vegan, trying KETO or doing intermittent fasting is a good method for them to lose body fat, I always ask them one question.

Is this way of eating something you can do forever?

Is it going to be your new lifestyle?

If it is something you will only do for a few weeks or months and then abandon, then no, it is not the solution for you.

If it is going to make you feel hungry, cranky and you will need sheer willpower to stick to it, then no, it isn’t for you.

If there are unhealthy side effects then don’t do it.

If it isn't going to get you results or you stop getting results from doing it, then no, it isn't for you. 

However, if it is something you can do long term every single day of the week for the rest of your life and you can get and keep results long term, then yes, keep going!

Diet’s don’t work

They make you moody, deprived, they slow down your metabolism, they unbalance your hormones and for those stuck on the dieting roller coaster they can increase your body fat levels over time.

This is because most people come off diets, return to their normal eating and lifestyle and regain everything they lost, and sometimes they gain a bit more.

So what can you do?

The only way you’re going to get lean and stay lean is to choose new behaviors, develop new habits, and maintain them for life.

It does take some work and a longer time frame.

Nothing worth having or striving for is ever easy I’ve found

How long will it take?

One of the misconceptions I’ve had to work through with clients is that many of them are not going to get the results they want from doing a 21-day diet, 6-week challenge or 12-week program.

It will take longer, much longer.

To get an estimate of how long it might take them to get the body they want, I ask them how long they have been gaining the body fat for? If they gained the body fat over 2 years, it might take 2 years to lose it.

But there is a way

However, the good news is that there is a way to shed body fat very quickly, build lean muscle reshape and tone your body and get permanent results.

All this while eating MORE food (including a daily treat), never feeling hungry and doing very little cardio if any.

My own experiences bodybuilding

In fact, when I was competing in bodybuilding in the category bikini and fitness model and training for my final competition The Natural Olympia in America, I was eating more food then ever before to build the muscle I needed.

As well, by then, my metabolism was so good after years of consistent nutrition, I had some good muscle on me from lifting weights which was metabolically active so I could eat more food, and overall there was very little suffering and no dieting or excessive cardio required for me to maintain 18% body fat levels, visible(ish) abs and a lean body.

Say what?

It all comes down to gaining the right food knowledge, learning how to do the right type and amount of training and being prepared to make some small changes in what you eat each day that will give you big results.

No you don't have to give up everything, a balanced approach works best. 

So stay tuned for more blogs about how to eat and train to get lean.

Thanks for reading. 

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