Nutrition + Training = Fat Loss

What works when it comes to fat loss

You lose body fat by creating a daily calorie deficit.

What is a calorie deficit?

What this means is that if you maintain your current body fat levels at 2200 calories a day, you need to eat less calories then this each day to lose body fat.

So, if you reduced your daily calories by 300 calories down to 1900 calories a day, this creates a slight calorie deficit where your body then draws on stored fat reserves to make up the calorie difference, and you lose body fat. This is very simplistic and there is more to it, but that gives you a basic understanding of fat loss.

Now, if you wanted to gain body fat (which is what most of us don’t want to do), then you would eat more calories each day then your body needs and it would store these excess calories as body fat. So, take your daily maintenance calories of 2200 calories a day and eat another 500 calories on top of that excess that your body doesn’t need as energy, and instead those calories will be converted by your body into body fat and stored.  


Now combined with proper nutrition you need to add regular training which means you’ll burn more fat without slowing down your metabolism or losing lean muscle.

You don’t want to lose lean muscle, instead you want to gain it because lean muscle is metabolically active, it needs to be fed so the more muscle you have the more calories you burn each day without even trying!

Combining both the right type and amount of training and proper nutrition together is the difference between losing some temporary ‘weight’ on the scale (lean muscle, water, maybe some body fat) or totally transforming your body (reducing body fat levels, increasing lean muscle).

Better results long term

Research has shown that exercise is critical for maintaining your weight long term. You might be able to reduce your body fat levels with dieting alone and creating that daily calorie deficit, but you’ll have a hard time keeping it off.

When you make training a part of your lifestyle, you can eat more food and still have the calorie deficit you need to burn fat. Importantly when your training includes lifting weights or resistance based exercise, more of what you eat is partitioned into building lean muscle.


So, to summarize, you can reduce body fat levels with the following:

  1. Proper nutrition – A slight calorie deficit each day below your maintenance calories + correct food choices – macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) - lots more blogs on how to eat for fat loss and body recomposition on the way.
  2. Weight training – Lifting weights or resistance based exercise 2 to 4 times a week – follow a good program that is systematic and well put together. More training information coming as well!
  3. Cardio – A couple of intense 20-minute cardio sessions a week to fast track your results (yep you read that right, that isn't much cardio!)

 Thanks for reading.

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