Are you doing enough to get results?

Losing body fat is simple to, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

Simple implies uncomplicated.

Reducing body fat is a simple matter of having a daily calorie deficit so that your body taps into your stored body fat reserves to access the extra energy it requires.

Easy implies little or no effort.

But making the right food choices day after day and keeping up that motivation and commitment to regular exercise requires a lot of effort in today’s modern, sedentary, temptation-filled environment.

That is easier said than done.


Effort is required to get results and if it is too hard for you and you aren’t able to get your head in the game with the right mindset, prioritize what is important and do what needs to be done to get results, then results may elude you time after time.

Do you really want results?

Hard work might be scaring you away?

It is much easier to go for a comfortable 30-minute walk then to jump around and do cardio or sprint work for 30 minutes which requires effort and feeling uncomfortable.

It is much easier to order take-away after a long day then get into the kitchen and make something simple, quick and nourishing.

To get results you will need to step outside your comfort zone.

When I train clients for bodybuilding shows there are 2 types of clients and to get results one type of mindset trumps the other.

I want it to just happen!

The first group want the process to be easy, they want to cut corners where possible and do minimal work to get results. They don’t always push hard in those final reps to make the muscles burn, they don’t go hard in their cardio because it is can hurt and they give in easily with their nutrition if they are tempted. They come up with a lot of excuses as to why they can’t do something, they are always pointing the finger outwards as to why they can’t get results. With this mindset and a pain avoidance mentality their results are lackluster and they rarely make it to stage.

I WILL make it happen

The next group training for a show know that work is required to get results. They are the ones that push their bodies to lift heavier even though it is uncomfortable, they do their cardio even though they hate it because they know it’s important to get the results they want. They meal prep and follow their nutrition because they don’t think they want to let themselves down with a binge that undoes all their work for the week. They are very goal orientated and driven to succeed. They are not always motivated (no one is motivated all the time), but they are disciplined. They also come up with the same excuses, but they don’t succumb to them. They point the finger at  themselves if they aren’t getting results. These clients usually make it stage because they put in the work and make the effort required to get results.

Think about which kind of person you are more like?

Could this be a factor in why you aren’t getting or are getting the results you want?

Hard work is the only way anyone accomplishes great things or makes massive changes.

There are 4 areas of change I address with clients to help them dramatically transform their bodies.

  1. Nutrition – a commitment to lifestyle change – not another diet, pill or potion.
  2. Weights or resistance training – to retain and build lean muscle to reshape the body and speed up the metabolism.
  3. Cardio – a couple of 30 minute sessions a week to fast track fat loss results and keep you fit.
  4. Mindset – this is the most important component. Your thoughts dictate and influence your behavior. Thoughts about how cold it is, how tired you are and you’ll convince yourself not to train that day. Thoughts about how you’ll eventually look and feel and what it means to you, will convince you to train that day even though you might not feel like it.

So, to summarize, to get results with fat loss is not going to be easy.

It will require effort, discipline and focus.

If you’re feeling frustrated with your lack of results it can help to look back and see if you are doing things that keep you firmly in your comfort zone when it comes to your nutrition and training, and if so, are you prepared to work harder?

Thanks for reading.


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