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Delivering fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, deli and pantry staples from our suppliers at Melbourne markets.

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Including build your own gifts.

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Melanie Rivers Nutrition & Health - Coming Soon

Hi, I'm Melanie a university qualified nutritionist, trainer, natural fertility and birth educator in addition to being an owner of Market in a Box. I'll be linking both my sites together soon so you'll be able to access lots of free resources and programs on the areas I practice in including natural fertility, pregnancy, post-natal recovery and fat loss, nutrition, exercise and women's Recomp and fat loss. I'm excited to share this with you - launching soon.


Owned by Melbourne based husband and wife team Melanie and Richard, we started delivering fruit and vegetables in Melbourne, Australia during lockdown in 2020.

Since then, we have added gift boxes and hampers and we try to include products sold in markets, products from local businesses and Australian made wherever possible.

Hi, I'm Melanie, a university qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, Pilates & Hypnobirthing instructor, and a trained teacher in natural fertility management.

Richard my husband formerly worked at the Queen Victoria Market and currently delivers our boxes as well as having a separate management training business.