Delivering Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, $7.50 delivery

Market in a Box

Delivering fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, deli and pantry staples from our suppliers at the Queen Victoria Market.


New - Nutrition Programs

Not long now until we launch our Nutrition Boxes, Dinner Boxes and Mama Meals. These include a nutritionist designed meal plan (by me) and the freshest market produce delivered to you, online video based nutrition program help you succeed at your program and email support. Perfect if you're wanting to lose body fat or improve your health. You'll see them on our site being added over the next couple of weeks and they'll be ready to order soon.

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3 Day Juice or Smoothie Cleanse

We expect a lot from our bodies but we don't always look after them. So, why don't you give your body a monthly maintenance and spend 3 days flooding it with nutrients from fresh, natural wholefoods and nutrient dense juices delivered to your doorstep. Improve your energy levels, lose weight, reduce digestive issues, sleep better and look and feel better. Nutritionist designed includes meal plan, food and nutrition coaching.

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Home Delivery

The freshest, nutritious food delivered to your door. We work with premium suppliers based at the Queen Victoria Market to deliver you food that is good for you, that will nourish your body and help you get results with fat loss, health and looking and feeling better.

My LEAN Transformation System

The ultimate fat loss and body recomposition program coming soon. Includes nutrition, training, coaching and your food delivered to your door.

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Health Programs

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